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CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley Claims He Was Fired Over His "Unfriendly Work Environment" Complaints

Previous CBS Evening News stay Scott Pelley said today on CNN's Reliable Sources news magazine that he was terminated from his activity since he "wouldn't quit grumbling to the board" about a "threatening workplace" in the news division.

The comments came after Pelley was gotten some information about the CBS circumstance, where various top officials, including administrator/CEO Leslie Mooves, have left for different badgering objections.

"I lost my position at the Evening News since I wouldn't quit grumbling to the board about the unfriendly workplace," Pelley said. He guaranteed he went to the leader of the news division, David Rhodes, and let him know, "that this threatening workplace couldn't continue, for ladies and men. What's more, he educated me on the off chance that I continued disturbing regarding that inside, at that point I'd lose my employment"

Pelley asserted he at that point went over Rhodes' head to previous CBS head Moonves.

"Having depleted the potential outcomes in the news division, I went to the administrator of the CBS enterprise who tuned in to me exceptionally worried for 60 minutes, posed me some infiltrating inquiries about what was happening," Pelley said. "I didn't hear once again from him however in the following open door in my contact, I was given up from the Evening News."

Pelley said that CBS is currently headed the correct way following a few dull years. "It's everything blue sky from here," Pelley said.

Pelley left the CBS Evening News in June of 2017.

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