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Peter Mayhew, Portrayed Chewbacca The Wookiee In 'Star Wars' Movies, Dies At 74

Peter Mayhew, the entertainer who played the tall and shaggy Chewbacca the Wookiee in the Star Wars films, has kicked the bucket at 74 years old.

Mayhew kicked the bucket at his home in North Texas on Tuesday, as indicated by a family explanation discharged Thursday on his Twitter account. No reason for death was referenced. He had experienced spinal medical procedure the previous summer to improve his versatility, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Mayhew is made due by his significant other, Angie, and three kids.

"He was the gentlest of mammoths," Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill tweeted. "A major man with a much greater heart who never neglected to make me grin and a steadfast companion who I adored beyond all doubt I'm appreciative for the recollections we shared and I'm a superior man for simply having known him. Much obliged Pete."

 A local of London, the 7-foot-3 Mayhew played Chewbacca, sidekick to Han Solo, in the first Star Wars set of three. He continued the job in two additional portions, Revenge of the Sith in 2005 and The Force Awakens in 2015.

Mayhew was low maintenance on-screen character functioning as a clinic precise when he won the job of Chewbacca. Author chief George Lucas apparently cast Mayhew on the grounds that his tallness enabled him to play taller than Darth Vader.

"He put his central core into the job of Chewbacca and it appeared in each casing of the movies," said his family's announcement. "In any case, to him, the 'Star Wars' family implied a lot more to him than a job in a film."

In 1978 (from left) Star Wars entertainers Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew.
 In 1978 (from left) Star Wars entertainers Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew.

 Chewbacca, once in a while known as the strolling rug, could be risky if important — however frequently he was an adorable sidekick to the movies' different characters. He was a most loved on the fan show circuit, and Mayhew went through 30 years venturing to the far corners of the planet to share the Star Wars enchantment.

 Mayhew utilized his notoriety in help of a few philanthropic associations committed to helping veterans and families and youngsters in need. His Peter Mayhew Foundation was committed to "the lightening of agony, sickness and enduring," by supporting other beneficent associations.

Peter Mayhew, as Chewbacca, in 1978.
                                                  Peter Mayhew, as Chewbacca, in 1978.

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