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Smashed Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant's Leg After Being Told to Put Out Cigarette

An alcoholic traveler on board an Aeroflot trip in Russia broke an airline steward's leg and assaulted pilots before he was limited and captured on Tuesday.

"An occurrence occurred in leading body of Aeroflot SU1307 departure from Novosibirsk to Moscow, May 14, because of the dangerous conduct of one traveler," the aircraft said an announcement. "Having got ready for indications of liquor inebriation, the man has abused the guidelines of carrying on ready Aeroflot planes."

The 36-year-old traveler boarded the 10:30 a.m. flight, unmistakably inebriated. He endeavored to get onto the flight while smoking a cigarette. Amid the loading up procedure, he assaulted an airline steward who guided him to put out his cigarette. The airline steward was allegedly pushed into the cockpit of the plane, falling and breaking his leg. The traveler at that point attempted to assault the two pilots of the Boeing 737.

"These three group individuals opposed and oversaw [to] hinder the criminal, and to pass him under the control of police," a police representative revealed to The Mirror.

"It is difficult to fly Aeroflot when you are calm," the man told police after he had been captured, as per The Daily Mail, alluding to a red hot crisis arriving in March that executed 41 travelers.

The flight was postponed by 20 minutes because of the occurrence.

The man was captured and accused of "air hooliganism" and brutality. He faces as long as six years in jail. He has been boycotted from any future Aeroflot flights.

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