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SURF RIDER Who was Eddie Aikau, when did he bite the dust and what was his reason for death? Google Doodle respects the life and inheritance of the American lifeguard

Google Doodle has denoted the birthday of a saint lifeguard and champion surfer

Eddie is said to have spared the lives of in excess of 500 individuals
                    Eddie is said to have spared the lives of in excess of 500 individuals

 Who was Eddie Aikau?

Eddie was conceived on the island of Maui in Hawaii on May 4, 1946 yet moved with his family to Oahu in 1959.

He was the principal lifeguard employed by authorities in Honolulu to chip away at the North Shore where it is asserted he spared in excess of 500 individuals, keeping watch of the shorelines from Sunset to Haleiwa.

Along that stretch of coastline it is said waves can achieve 30ft high.

He was made Lifeguard of the Year in 1971.

Eddie additionally made his name as a top surfer, winning various honors.

He won the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship in 1977.

When did he bite the dust?

The date of his demise isn't completely sure however is well on the way to have been in March 1978.

He had joined as a volunteer for the Polynesian Voyaging Society who had arranged a 30-day, 2,500 mile venture following the antiquated course of the Polynesian transients as they went between the Hawaiian and Tahitian islands.

Eddie joined as a group part.

What was his reason for death?

The twofold hulled voyaging kayak set sail on March 16, 1978 yet it later built up a break in one of its bodies and later upset around 12 miles south of the island of Molokai.

Eddie then set off on his surfboard in an offer to get help.

While the US Coast Guard later grabbed the remainder of the group, Eddie was gone forever.

His body was never found even after an expansive air-ocean look was propelled. 

                                           Eddie has been respected with a Google Doodle


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