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Venezuela military helicopter crashes, killing seven soldiers

Helicopter goes down in mountainous area outside Caracas en route to military exercises led by President Maduro.

Helicopter goes down in mountainous area outside Caracas en route to military exercises led by President Maduro.

Seven Venezuelan military officers were killed on Saturday when their helicopter smashed outside Caracas, President Nicolas Maduro said.

The helicopter had left the Venezuelan capital making a beeline for San Carlos in the nation's northwest when it went down in a hilly region of the El Hatillo region, the protection service said in an announcement.

On Twitter, Maduro grieved the loss of "seven commendable officers of the nation", including two majors, three skippers and two lieutenant colonels.

The resistance service said an examination concerning the reason for the accident was in progress.

Maduro was in San Carlos on Saturday, driving military activities with head honchos and in excess of 5,000 troops.

It was a show of solidarity against restriction pioneer Juan Guaido, whose endeavor to dispatch a military uprising prior in the week had fizzled.

Guaido, the leader of the nation's National Assembly, was proceeding with his endeavors to influence the military to relinquish Maduro. 

The resistance head made a new offer on Saturday to rally the nation's military behind him, approaching his supporters to walk to army installations and sleeping quarters.

In any case, there was a little turnout for the walks, with members in the hundreds, not the thousands. This was another mishap for Guaido following a fizzled military uprising before in the week.

Maduro on Saturday trained the military "to be prepared to protect the country with weapons in your grasp on the off chance that one day the US realm sets out to contact this region, this sacrosanct earth".

Underscoring the proceeded with military help for his administration, Maduro conveyed his broadcast address from a base in the northwestern Cojedes state, where he showed up nearby protection serve, Vladimir Padrino, and within the sight of in excess of 5,000 troops.

The United States has wouldn't make the risk of military move off the table in its push to expel Maduro - in spite of the fact that it so far has constrained its crusade to inclining up approvals.

Guaido's motivation increased recharged support on Saturday from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who issued a video address to the Venezuelan individuals, letting them know: "the ideal opportunity for progress is currently."

"You can hold your organizations, your military and their pioneers to the most elevated principles and request an arrival to vote based system," Pompeo said in the message. "The United States stands solidly with you in your journey."

Guaido, 35, has marked Maduro a usurper over his re-appointment a year ago, and in January announced himself acting president, diving Venezuela into a political emergency that has extended its officially grave monetary burdens.

In any case, Maduro has held firm, reinforced by the proceeded with help of the incredible military.

"I told the commanders and chief naval officers yesterday: steadfastness, I need a functioning dependability... I confide in you, yet keep your eyes open, a bunch of double crossers can't discolor the respect, the solidarity, the union and the picture of the military," the president stated, in his discourse from the army installation.

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