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Rural Chicago cancer growth quiet who requested THC-mixed chocolates gets 4 years in jail

A rural Chicago cancer persistent WHO requested a 42-pound bundle of THC-injected chocolates from a California clinic to self-cure has been condemned to four years in jail.

Thomas J. Franzen of Montgomery confessed in Kane County Circuit Court to ownership of in excess of 176 ounces of cannabis, a lawful offense that conveyed a jail term of from probation to 15 years.

Resistance lawyer David Camic said investigators demonstrated "empathy" in rejecting the more genuine accusation of cannabis dealing after specialists caught the chocolates in 2014.

Camic says the 37-year-old Franzen has organize 4 disease and was utilizing the chocolates to mitigate himself from manifestations, for example, queasiness.

Franzen is expected in court June 14, when he will present aftereffects of new therapeutic tests to Judge Clint Hull, who will choose when Franzen will start serving his jail term.

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